Mersal clears decks, grand release for Deepavali

The makers of Mersal and Vijay’s fans can heave a sigh of relief as the Animal Welfare Board has finally given a no objection certificate.

Following this, the movie would be cleared by the Censor Board and would hit the screens for Deepavali as planned.

The No objection certificate is necessary due to sequences in the movie which involves animals.

The makers of the movie faced some trouble recently before the release of the movie. They have already grappled for the film’s title and were in the midst of the ongoing tussle between the exhibitors and the state government over the Local Body Entertainment Tax.

Ramkumar Nammalvar, founder and CEO of online ticketing platform, TicketNew, said several theatres opened advance bookings on Monday evening at increased prices. “Most theatres have increased the ticket prices for Mersal,” he said.

The ticket prices in mulitplexes have been fixed at ₹150 and ₹50, and at AC and non-AC theatres ₹100/₹40 and ₹80/₹ 30 respectively.

Significantly, Vijay met the Tamil Nadu chief minister Edappadi Palaniswami on Sunday. However, reports said that the issues surrounding Mersal’s release were not discussed.