Mekedatu: Three resolutions passed at all legislative parties meeting in TN

Three resolutions were unanimously passed against construction of Mekedatu dam by Karnataka government at the meeting of all legislative parties, held at Secretariat, on Monday.

The first resolution states that Karnataka government is taking all steps to construct Mekedatu dam and if dam is constructed it will affect the interest of Tamilnadu farmers. State government, through the resolution, has urged the concerned departments in central governments not to issue permission for Karnataka to construct Mekedatu dam.

The second resolution states that all the parties together will support the efforts of state government in Mekedatu issue and the third resolution states that to show the united opposition of Tamilnadu people in Mekedatu issue the resolutions passed against Mekedatu issue would be jointly handed over to the central government and it was also decided that all the political parties in the state would extend cooperation for legal steps taken by the state government in Mekedatu issue.

After the meeting, former fisheries Minister D Jayakumar, representing AIADMK, said that the party stands strong in not allowing Karnataka government to construct Mekedatu dam. He also said that, in the past, former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa sat on a 24-hour fast against Karnataka government in Cauvery issue and the party which is functioning on the lines of Jayalalithaa also stands firm in protecting the rights of Tamil Nadu people in Cauvery issue.

Similarly, BJP and Congress leaders, after the meeting, while addressing the media, said that they will also support Tamilnadu government in Mekedatu issue despite the fact that their party leaders in Karnataka supporting construction of Mekedatu dam.