Meet ‘PR’asad, the master of BJP’s public relations in TN

Public relations is both an art as well as science. And mastering it is no easy task. But, Bharatiya Janata Party’s Tamil Nadu media in-charge Prasad is an exception.

For, he is so successful in spreading news about the BJP government’s welfare schemes, programmes of the party’s leaders and their election campaigns. Despite his hectic schedule with elections just around the corner, he does his work with a smile.

He has attracted the admiration and goodwill of media personnel, for he is easily approachable 24×7 and clarifies all their queries. And, the moment a happening takes place in the BJP, he makes sure that the information reaches media houses.

“We are not bothered about negative propaganda. In the last five years, the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a lot of good things to the country. Our achievements are enough to fetch votes for us,” he says.

On the BJP’s election manifesto, he says, “it is a perfect document of all good things and developments that the country needs in the near future. All the promises in it will sure be honoured.”

Asked about his active working style, he says, “I am working for my motherland. As said by the Prime Minister, everyone in the BJP is a chowkidar. I am one among them. Hence, there is no place for complaints and getting tired.”