Maruthi Nagar Police Station movie review


Mahat gets a phone call from Varalaxmi, who checks his whereabouts.

Right when he is about to cut the call, he hears a woman’s cry for help.

Mahat climbs on the fence and witnesses a gang kidnapping a teenager.  He takes a video of that and rushes to the nearby police station.

The inspector calms Mahat down and joins him in the crime area.  It is later revealed that the inspector is also connected to the gang.

Later,  Varalaxmi finds out that Mahat has been murdered. With the help of three of her friends, she decides to avenge Mahat’s death.

When they get close to fulfilling their mission, the police officer and gangster get killed inside the police station by a mysterious person.

Enter ACP Arav, who is put in charge of the case. Will Varalaxmi find out who killed Mahat?


Directed by Dayal Padmanabhan, the movie has a decent ploy with a decent execution.

The movie doest not have any loopholes, exaggerations or unnecessary commercial asepcts and tries to be as realistic as possible.

The revenge mission is executed in a convincing manner.  The suspense about the identity of the killer is also maintained till the last.

Performance-wise, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Arav, Santhosh Prathap and Mahat Raghavendra have delivered their best.

Varalaxmi stands out in her character as the cop who is on revenge mode.

It is Arav’s entry that creates the much needed intensity for the movie.

Rest of the cast have also understood their role and have performed well.

Manikanth Kadri’s music maintains the intensity of the movie.  Shekar Chandru’s camerawork is impressive.  Rest of the technical aspects are passable.

The movie is available on Aha OTT platform.

Rating: 3.6/5