*ManMar Games’ ‘IRUVAM’ Shines at Cannes: A Landmark Indian Entry in the World’s Premier Film Festival*

*ManMar Games’ ‘IRUVAM’ Shines at Cannes: A Landmark Indian Entry in the World’s Premier Film Festival*

Cannes, France – In a momentous achievement for Indian cinema and gaming, ManMar Games’ innovative project ‘IRUVAM’ has been officially selected for the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival’s “Let’s Spook Cannes” event. As the world’s foremost celebration of cinematic art, Cannes is renowned for showcasing groundbreaking films and now, with its inclusion of interactive live-action games, the festival is embracing the future of entertainment. Among numerous global submissions, ‘IRUVAM’ stands out as one of only four projects chosen, marking a significant achievement as the sole representative from India.

The evolution of technology in cinema has been both rapid and fascinating. From the era of silent films to the present, where cutting-edge technologies like 3D and motion capture redefine storytelling, Indian Cinema has continuously adapted and thrived. ‘IRUVAM’ represents the next step in this evolution, merging film and gaming into an interactive experience that blurs the lines between viewer and creator.

‘IRUVAM’ is not just a game; it’s an innovative full-motion video (FMV) game that promises a cinematic journey tailored by the audience. Set to be released in Tamil and English, this pioneering project offers a narrative where the viewer’s choices directly impact the storyline, leading to multiple possible endings. Directed by the acclaimed Manoj Annadurai, known for his award-winning film ‘Get Happy’, and featuring Varsha Bollamma in a pivotal role, ‘IRUVAM’ is crafted by a talented team including Pozhilan, Manu Mithra, and Karthick Jeevanandam, with Arjun Venkatesh leading cinematography, Elaya Raja S editing, and Timothy Madhukar providing the musical score.

This remarkable selection at Cannes is not only a testament to the innovative spirit of ManMar Games but also a beacon of pride for India’s creative industries. ‘IRUVAM’ embodies the fusion of film and gaming, inviting players and viewers alike to engage in a narrative that is as dynamic as it is captivating.

As ‘IRUVAM’ prepares for its grand unveiling at Cannes from May 17-20, 2024, and its subsequent release on mobile platforms, the anticipation among cinema and game enthusiasts is palpable. This selection highlights the project’s unique position at the intersection of gaming and cinema, promising not only to entertain but also to inspire future collaborations between these two dynamic industries.

ManMar Games invites the global community to witness this groundbreaking endeavor that promises to redefine the boundaries of audience engagement and narrative storytelling.