Manjummel Boys meet Kamal Haasan

The recently released Malayalam film Manjummel Boys has been seeing a landmark success.

The team of the film recently met actor  Kamal Haasan to present their film.

Speaking to the press, Chidambaram said, “I still cannot believe I just met Kamal sir, and I think meeting him is the climax for my film. Without Gunaa and Kamal Haasan sir, my film is not possible. I also thank the Tamil Nadu audience who has received the film very well. I am happy to take theatre visits soon to witness the energy. Kamal sir saw the film and spoke a lot about it. He had enquired in detail how we made the film.”

The film stars Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese, Ganapathi S Poduval, Lal Jr, Deepak Parambol, Abhiram Radhakrishnan, Arun Kurian, Khalid Rahman, Chandu Salimkumar, and Vishnu Reghu, among others. Most of them met Kamal Haasan recently in Chennai.

It is interesting to note that Manjummel Boys pays a fitting and goosebumps-evoking tribute to Kamal Haasan and his film Gunaa, by both using the song Kanmani Anbodu, and setting against the backdrop of Kodaikanal caves which ultimately came to be known as Gunaa Caves after the Kamal Haasan-starrer was shot there.

Manjummel Boys, directed by Chidambaram, is based on the real-life incident where a group of boys from Kerala visit Gunaa Caves.

But their trip takes a freaking turn after one of them falls into the dangerous cave called Devil’s Kitchen. (Mild spoilers ahead)