Manju Warrier’s shocking complaint against director

Malayalam actress Manju Warrier, who made her Kollywood debut with Dhanush starrer Asuran recently, has filed a complaint to Kerala Police Chief Loknath Behera against ad filmmaker-turned film director Sreekumar Menon.

In her complaint, Manju has alleged that she was humiliated by Sreekumar Menon through defamation on social media and threatening her friends.

She has also alleged that she fears that Shrikumar Menon might endanger her life. According to reports, Manju had visited the DGP’s office in Thiruvananthapuram directly and handed over her handwritten complaint.

In her complaint, Manju also stated that letter pads in the name of ‘Manju Warrier Foundation’ and blank cheques she had signed were being misused by Shrikumar Menon, allegedly to siphon off from her savings. The actor also reportedly submitted digital evidence to support her complaint.

The actress made a comeback to cinema in 2014 putting a 14-year-long sabbatical to rest, after divorcing Dileep, who is now an accused in the 2017 actor assault case.

After her second coming, Manju worked with Shrikumar Menon and his advertising agency Push Integrated Communications, and also played his leading lady in Menon’s directorial debut Odiyan. However, the actor was the victim of an organised social media troll campaign after the release of the film.

Meanwhile, Menon, in a Facebook post, expressed his shock over the “sudden outbreak” of events and claimed that he learnt about the plaint from media reports. The filmmaker further enlisted a slew of personal dealings he had with Manju in the past, saying that this was “way too unexpected”, coming from a person who he had supported “through thick and thin”.