Manja Satta Pacha Satta Movie News and Stills

The movie “Manja satta Pacha satta” is produced by Chinnasamy cine creations and Directed by Thamba Kutti Bambrosky as his debut movie. As MRM Jaisuresh handles the Camera, Ganesh Ragavendra composes the music. The movie is cast with Guru Somasundaram playing one of the lead roles. Adhitya Varman and  Renu Soundar plays lead roles. The movie is shot at Chennai.

Animosity arises between an opportunistic politician and a selfish corporate broker, resulting in an income tax raid at the politician’s home. On the same day two young men plan to carry out an ATM robbery only to prove their wit. Both of these attempts embrace failure. The protagonist and his friend are caught up in the connection between these two events. The protagonist who does not know how to make money, a police officer who does not know how to make money, two policemen who do not know how to think for themselves, two psychopaths who do not have self-consciousness and the assistant of a greedy politician all run towards a jackpot. What happens to the jackpot is the main plot of the movie. It is a Burlesque comedy movie. The movie is planned to be released on 2nd April of this year.

 Production: Chinnasamy Cine Creations   Director : Thamba Kutty Bambrosky Writter : Thamba Kutty Bambrosky    Cinematography : MRM Jaisuresh    Music : Ganesh Ragavendra    Editing : Thiyagu   Art : Shiva Yoga   Stunt : Action Prakash   Choreography : Dastha   


Guru Somasundaram   Adhithya Varman   Renu Soundar  Lanza Del Vasto

C.N.Kumar P.R.O