Vijay Sethupathi in soup, shocking links revealed

Mandee explains why Vijay Sethupathi accepted to endorse the brand

Vijay Sethupathi recently endorsed an online app called Mandee and it has caused him a bit of embarrassment.  The Mandee app advertisement with VSP explaining the advantage of using the app was aired on all television channels.

Following this, the actor’s office was on Tuesday besieged by 150-200 traders demanding him to stop endorsing Mandee as they said it was affecting their business. The traders staged a protest in front of the actor’s office here and raised slogans against him and the company.

Police detained the protestors and later let them off. Meanwhile in a statement, Mandee said it connects all stakeholders in food commodity business through a technology-enabled platform and aims to provide increase demand for sellers and provide access to more options, quality and convenience to buyers.

“Mandee is promoted by the founders of Jeyyam brand hailing from Salem, Tamil Nadu, with over 30 years of experience in the food commodity business. Having been in the industry for such a long time, Mandee understands the age-old challenges faced by various stakeholders in the food commodity buying and selling and aims to solve by providing customized solutions to address the pain points.

By doing so, they have earned the trust of thousands of retailers, distributors, and traders across Tamil Nadu. The platform (website and the app) has been launched for the benefit of the industry after interacting with farmers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers & retailers and over one and half years of research,” it said.

It added: “While this concept of an online Mandee is new, we felt it required a trustworthy face who also shares our care and concern towards farmers and traders – makkal selvan, Vijay Sethupathi. He accepted to endorse the brand after meticulously studying the brand, its business model and proof of service. Only when he was convinced that Mandee is for the real benefit for traders and farmers, people coming from a humble trading background, did he decide to engage with Mandee”.

Through this statement, the company clarifies that, “All these allegations leveled against Mandee and Vijay Sethupathi are incorrect and damages made to the celebrity’s fame are unjustified. We request the patrons of the industry to understand the initiate and extend their humble support for the welfare of the industry and the community”.

“Mandee connects all the stakeholders in the food commodity business – farmers, traders, retailers, distributors, super stockists and manufacturers through a single platform. It is a trade made easy using a technology-driven platform. It aims to provide increased demand consistently for sellers and provide access to more options, consistent quality, best price and convenience to buyers. The platform is focused only on Business to Business trading and NOT direct to the household.”