Malikapuram movie review


An eight-year-old girl, Kalyani (Devinandha), wishes to visit the Sabarimala temple to meet her dear lord Ayyappan.

But her father keeps pushing the plan until one day he agrees. But fate takes a bad turn and the dream shatters.

Kalyani with her friend Unni decides to take that trip to Sabarimala and there she finds her redemption.


Director Vishnu Sasi Shankar has neatly delivered the movie for which the story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Abhilash Pillai.

The core theme of the movie is that faith in anything is never irrelevant at anytime.

Devinadha is impressive as Kalyani. She emotes so effortlessly and is quite natural in her role. Sreepath is cute and has done his done in an effective manner.

Unni Mukundan has a terrific screen presence in the movie. He plays an delicate character and has pulled it off with ease.

The Tamil dubbing has come out really well and is on par with the original.

Rajin Raj’s music is impressive and adds more strength to the movie.

Rating: 3.5.5