Madurai medical college dean removed after students take ‘Maharshi Charak Shapath’

The dean of Madurai Medical College was removed from his post after the first-year students of a college were administered the ‘Maharshi Charak Shapath’ in Sanskrit. According to the notice, the dean was placed on the ‘waiting list’ with no orders about further postings.

The Directorate of Medical Education of the Tamil Nadu government issued a notice to the Madurai Medical College and sought an explanation against the first-year students taking the Charak oath instead of the Hippocratic oath in the reception celebration.

Earlier on Saturday, Madurai Government Medical College organised a welcome reception for the first-year students on Saturday. It was reported that during the oath-taking ceremony, the students, dressed in their uniforms, replaced the centuries-old tradition of Greek origin, the Hippocratic oath with ‘Charak Shapath’.

The Hippocratic Oath is an ancient pledge of medical ethical conduct, taken by the medical students as an important step in becoming a doctor. During the ceremony, Tamil Nadu Finance Minister, Palanivel Thiagarajan, Minister of Commercial Taxes, P. Moorthy, District Collector Dr S. Aneesh Sekhar, and Medical College Principal, Dr A.Rathinavel were present.