Madras Spice Round Table 159 Event Stills

We at Madras Spice Round Table 159 are a charitable non-profit Chennai based chapter associated with Round Table India. We are an organisation made up of young men (ages 18-40) either working in a professional standing or owning our own business, who have joined this group for social work, networking and fellowship purposes.

MSRT 159 was chartered in 2003, and we have had a long 18 years of social work under our belt. From building classrooms(close to 16 classrooms under the ‘Freedom Through Education’ which is the motto of Round Table India ), to donating supplies to orphanages and other deserving institutes, to conducting burials of unclaimed bodies as a community service, fees donation and disaster relief ,  we have a wide social service profile. Most recently, this past September, we inaugurated 2 classrooms at the Government Higher Secondary School for the Visually Impaired at Poonamallee.

This Sunday, 4th October 2020, we are conducting a socially distant event for the Chennai based tables called ‘The Great Spice Hunt ‘ under the chairmanship of Tr.Karan Goyal. In this event, the participating teams will flag off from 10 Downing Street, Kences Inn, and drive around the city completing checkpoints that we have come up with. The checkpoints are devilishly clever questions framed by our convener which will leave many a participant scratching their head as they find that Google isn’t the source of all the answers. This event’s run time is approximately 2hours ( not counting the penalties incurred for asking for clues/hints ) . We have a total of 13 teams participating in this hunt and we are looking forward to the outcome!!