Madras High Court comes down heavily on Vijay over tax evasion

The Madras High Court came down severely actor Vijay over the petition he filed seeking directives to avoid the entry tax for the luxury Rolls Royce Ghost car he imported from the UK.

During the hearing of the writ petition, Justice SM Subramaniam has slammed the star who moved the court to avoid the payment of entry tax.

The Madras High Court has suspended the writ petition and directed Vijay to pay the entry tax towards the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Covid-19 Relief Fund.

Saying that Vijay enjoys a huge fan base that sees him as a real hero, the High Court said, the state saw stars ruling the state. This made the people see cine heroes as real heroes, so they should act like real heroes.

The High Court said, actors project themselves as the winners who will bring social justice in the society.But the actors are trying to avoid the tax payment which doesn’t go well with their image, the court observed.