Madras Day: Regional Rail Museum to be renamed as Chennai Rail Museum

Madras Day: Regional Rail Museum to be renamed as Chennai Rail Museum

The Integral Coach Factory has announced the Regional Rail Museum in the city will be renamed as Chennai Rail Museum, to mark Madras Day.

“Established in the year 2002 by the then Railway Minster, Shri Nitish Kumar, the Regional Rail Museum situated near ICF Furnishing Division in New Avadi Road, attracts about 6000 visitors on an average per month,” said a release.

It said the Museum has many rare artifacts of heritage value of Indian Railways with star attractions of steam engines, Joy train, Children’s park, Souvenir shop display, Coach model, Photo Gallery, indoor and outdoor exhibits, etc,.

As outdoor exhibits, life size models of Nilgiri Mountain Railway coach, GM Inspection car, MG EMU, Hospital van, a hand operated crane, an overhead equipment car, Meter gauge EMU, different types of engine (Steam, Diesel and flower stream plough engine) etc.. are available.

This museum also contains photographs of the visits of various world leaders, royal and distinguished dignitaries to ICF. The three tier running models, apart from providing amusement to the younger ones, will be of informational value for the elders.

This museum is a repositor of history, culture and ethos. It provides for us an opportunity to know our past so that we can leap into the future. To mark the occasion of Chennai Day Celebrations on August 22nd, Regional Rail Museum (RRM) will be renamed as Chennai Rail Museum (CRM).