Maargazhi Thingal


It has been our wish to re-introduce the treasures of our south Indian culture to the present generation  Last year was Ravivarma s iconic paintings re-created with South Indian beauties and this year ,  It is Andal’s thiruppaavai sung by actors who are not necessarily  professional or Carnatic singers  
Eight actors from the south Indian film industry sing the first paasuram of Thiruppaavai by Andal in this single    The actors are  Uma iyer  revathy Nithya menon Remya Nambeesan Anu Hasan Kaniha Jaishri Suhasini 
 Shobanas abhinayam for the 8 peoples rendering  is a highlight 
We did not rehearse nor record in a professional studio   Most of us recorded our lines on our mobile phones and it was beautifully put together by Subhasri Thanikachalam  
Music mastered and arranged by Ravi G  
Bagath did the cinematography for most of our shots   But the actors themselves shot their portion on their phones or cameras   We are not professional singers .But our passion for poetry devotion and the importance of the margazhi month inspired us to create this audio and video  Kevindas edited this from Qatar   so this is truly a remotely administered audiovisual   
We would love to make this a yearly occurrence Next year we will come up with another beautiful Paasuram from Andals Thiruppaavai 
Suhasini ManiRatnam   Original composition by Smt M L Vasanthakumari    Performed by  Uma 
Revathy   Nithya   Remya   Anu  Kaniha   Jaishri   Suhasini   Shobana 
Cinematography Bagath and artistes themselves 
Editor   Kevindas    Music and Mastering   Ravi G   PRO  NikilMurukan  Creative director  
Subhasri Thanikachalam     Concept & creation   Suhasini ManiRatnam