Maamanithan movie review


Vijay Sethupathi is an auto driver who leads a happy life with his wife and two children.

He tries to get admission for his children in a private school.

A decision which he takes for this creates problems in his life.

Following this he has to flee from his native village and family. Where did he go? Did he return back?

What happens to his family forms the rest of the story.

Director Seenu Ramasamy has delivered a village based subject without much commercialisation.
The movie has said in detail about the journey of a family.
The difficulties that Vijay Sethupathi faces after leaving his family creates a huge impact.
There are very minimal characters in the movie, but each one of them leaves a long lasting impression.
Vijay Sethupathi has once again delivered a stellar performance in an emotional role.
Gayathri, Guru Somasundaram and Jewel Mary have all understood the depth of their character and have delivered an impressive performance.
Music by Ilayaraja and Yuvan Shankar Raja does not live up to the expectations.
Rating: 3.3/5