A M R Ramesh’s next is about Rajiv assassination

A M R Ramesh’s next is about Rajiv assassination

A M R Ramesh's next is about Rajiv assassination

Known for touching sensitive subjects, director A M R Ramesh is at it again. Today (May 21), the day when former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, he is starting his next movie about the sensitive issue.

“I have done extensive research about his death and how it took place and would want to say it the way it happened,” he says.

Titled Aaspota (blast), the film captures the 110-day drama that finally led to the assassination. Known for his other films based on real-life incidents, Kuppi and Oru Melliya Kodu, Ramesh says that this time around, getting access to meet the people who were part of the CBI, as well as the LTTE at that time, proved to be much easier.

“I and my friend Kamalnath were in the Nandanam area in Chennai when around 10.30 pm, rumours started that Rajiv Gandhi had been killed in a bomb blast. As the news spread, we could see the tension and panic among the locals, who were murmuring to each other,” Ramesh recalls.

“I have spent months conducting interviews with the people who were connected with what happened 25 years ago. I feel it is the fact that they have seen my earlier work that has convinced them to come out and speak to me about all the details, as they know that I will tell the truth onscreen,” says Ramesh.