LPG cylinder price increased by Rs 25.50

Oil companies have increased the prices of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders commonly called cooking gas cylinders by Rs 25.50.

With the latest revision, a 14.2 kg cylinder is selling at Rs 834.50 instead of Rs 809 in Delhi. On the first day of every month, state-owned oil companies decide on whether a tweak in the prices of gas cylinders is required or not. Earlier on May 1, gas companies did not make any change in the rate of LPG Gas cylinders.

The last revision in the prices of LPG cylinders came in April when the rate of a cylinder was cut by Rs 10. Previously, LPG cylinder prices were increased in February and March.

LPG cylinder prices in metro cities:

In Mumbai, the rate of 14.2 kg LPG cylinder is now Rs 834.50, whereas till now it was Rs 809. In Kolkata, the rate of an LPG cylinder has increased from Rs 835.50 to Rs 861.

Whereas for an LPG cylinder in Chennai, you will have to pay Rs 850.50 from today (July 1). The rate was Rs 825 till yesterday. Meanwhile, for an LPG cylinder in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, you will have to pay Rs 872.50. In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a cylinder is selling at Rs 841.50. Also Read: UEFA Euro 2020 becomes COVID-19 hotspot, over 2000 Scottish fans test positive

LPG cylinder’s price increased by Rs 140.50 in 2021