Love yourself, says Ileana

Ileana D’Cruz, who is regular on social media, has urged her fans to love themselves.

The actress posted: “Been a strange couple of days…Felt great yesterday but today not so much… Didn’t even want to workout today but I still did it.”

She stated: “I’d like to say that I feel frickin amazing after a workout but I didn’t. A tiny bit better but definitely not amazing. And that’s ok. The important thing is to accept it and not beat yourself up over it. If you’re feeling awful then that’s ok. You’re human.”

“You’re allowed to break every now and again. Maybe break isn’t a good word but you’re allowed to bend instead of standing up tall, trying so hard to brave everything you’re feeling. Give yourself time. Time to breathe. Time to heal. Time to understand you,” Ileana added.

She shared a black-and-white selfie where she was done with her workout session but what caught the attention was the note that has been mentioned above.

For all those who follow Cruz, they would know there’s a humorous side to the actress as well. She recently took to her Instagram account where she could be sitting on the floor and asking herself to to sit like a lady.

Ileana D’Cruz recently decided to have an Ask Me A Question session on Instagram. While most fans had a fun interaction with the actor, one particular fan ventured too far and asked about her relationship status.

The fan asked her, “Are you single or in a relationship?”. Pat came her reply: “Well, aren’t we nosey?”. She also used an image of an animal’s nose and mouth to show her annoyance.