I love Tamil and Tamil Nadu a lot Venkaiah Naidu

I love Tamil and Tamil Nadu a lot Venkaiah Naidu
Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday said he did not understand what was the problem in singing Vande Mataram, which meant salutations to the mother, a song that had inspired millions during the country’s freedom movement.
Speaking at the birth anniversary celebrations of legendary poet and freedom fighter, Subramanya Bharathi, in the city, he said Tamil and Tamil Nadu are close to his heart.
Making agriculture more viable was the challenge before the nation and politicising suicides of farmers would not help address the issue, Naidu had said on Sunday. Presenting the ‘Yerarignar’ Award to eminent agriculture scientist M S Swaminathan.
He said that universities must diversify the fields of knowledge and governments must think on adding value to the agriculture, provide right infrastructure like roads, cold storage chains to help its sustainment.
The research taking place in the universities, laboratories must teach the farm for only then the farmers will stand to benefit, he said.
Scientists like M S Swaminathan have played a lead role in taking research to the farms for the benefit of farmers. Vice President also stressed the need to provide right price to the farmers so that they would continue to produce.