Lorry, bus owners demand compensation for Karnataka violence

Lorry, bus owners demand compensation for Karnataka violence

The Tamil Nadu Lorry Owners’ Federation staged a protest in Hosur, condemning the attacks on lorries and drivers, and called for due compensation for the losses caused during the violence in Karnataka over the Cauvery issue.

The protests by the Sand Lorry Owners’ Federation and the All-India Drivers’ Peravai took place outside the old Municipality office on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu Omni Bus Owners Association (TOBOA) has sought compensation from the Karnataka government over the losses incurred due to the torching of vehicles, as part of the Cauvery-protests.

The members of the association who came together for a working committee meeting on Tuesday, stated that the Karnataka government should offer Rs 75 crore, to compensate for the losses.

“Karnataka-owned omni buses are safe here in Tamil Nadu. In the same way, TN buses too should be given adequate security in the neighbouring state”, they said. “Unless and until our demands are met, we will not cooperate for the smooth running of Karnataka omni buses here”, they added.

Essential commodities and other goods worth more than Rs. 1,000 crore, meant for Karnataka, are held up at the lorry godowns in Tamil Nadu. The lorry booking agents had stopped booking goods for Karnataka and would resume only after total normality returned, Rajavadivel, president of the Tamil Nadu Lorry Booking Agents’ Federation, said.