Lord Sri Parthasarathy, Triplicane Thai Brahmotsavam is going to take place from 03.02.2021 to 12.02.2021

03.02.2021 to 12.02.2021

Among the 108 Divya Dasams, Thiruvallikeni sacredly known as Brandharanya Kshathiram commands a special and unique status in as much as Lord Sri Parthasarathy who preached the Universal Bhagavat Geetha to us through Partha (Arjuna) is mainly enshrined here.   Other than Sri Venkakrishnan, there are also other holy shrines in this temple, which are dedicated to Sri Ranganathar, Sri Narasimhar, Sri Gajendra Varadhar and Sri Ramar thus all Emperumans (deities) are blessing the devotees.

Payalwar, Thirumazhisaialwar and Thirumangaialwar have eulogized these deities through there divinie songs (Pasurams).

Lord Sri Parthasarathy Thai Brahmotsavam is going to take place  from 03.2.2021 to 12.02.2021 The important festivals are as follows.

04.02.2021 Morning 6.15 am   Sesha Vahanam
04.02 2021  Evening  7.30 pm    Simha Vahanam
05.02.2021 Morning. 5.30am   Garuda Seva
05.02.2021  12 noon   Ekantha  Seva
05.02.2021  Night 7.30 pm  Hamsa  Vahanam
06.02 2021 Morning. 6.15 am   Soorya Prabai
06.02.2021   Night 7.30 pm  Chandra  Prabai
07.02.2021  Morning. 5.30  am   Pallaku Natchiyar                                                                        Thirukolam
07.02.2021  Night  7.30 pm  Hanumantha Vahanam

08.02.2021  Morning. 5 30 am   Churnaabhishekam
08.02.2021  Morning  6.15 am  Anantha Vimanam
08.02.2021 Night  7.30  pm   Yanai  Vahanam
09.02.2021  Morning  7.00  am  Thiruther (Car Festival)
09.02.2021  Night  9   pm Thotta Thirumanjanam
10.02.2021  Morning 6.15  am. Pallaku Vannaithazhi                                                                  Kannan Thirukolam
10.02.2021   Night    8   pm        Kuthirai Vahanam
11.02.2021  Morning 6.15  am Aalum Pallaku
11.02.2021   Morning 11 am Thirthavari
11.02.2021   Night   7.30  pm Kannadi Pallakku.
12.02.2021  Noon 12 30 pm Dwasa Aradhanam
12.02.2021 Night 10 pm Sapthavarnam = Small Thiruther
Due to prevailing CORONO VIRUS  all the devotees are requested  to  wear Mask and keep Social Distancing during all the festivals  days and  have the Lord Sri Parthasarathy’s Blissful Grace.
Tamilnadu Police Department will be taking care of the Law and Order Trafice arrangements during all the festival days.
All necessary and important arrangements for the same are being  made by Mrs G Jayapriya , ML,  Assisitant  Commissioner  (Legal)   Deputy Commissioner / EO Additional Charge  and Temple staffs.
T Raghavan