Lord Sri Parthasarathy Thiruvooral Utsavam will be held on 22-1-2017 Sunday to Ekkaduthangal

Lord Sri Parthasarathy Thiruvooral Utsavam will be held on 22-1-2017 Sunday to Ekkaduthangal

Thiruvallikeni, Lord Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple is the most important temple in Chennai the capital of Tamilnadu. Indeed Thiruvallikeni stands as the only temple in the world where Lord Sri Krishna is posed as a charioteer of Arjuna with mustache and the Procession God having arrow marks from the bow of Bheeshma Pithamaha in Mahabharatha on His face and foot which He bore for His Bhaktha Arjuna. Lord Sri Krishna is called Lord Sri Parthasarathy Swamy here has many lands and properties all over the world. All is His only and among them His land at Ekkaduthangal near Saidapettai stands unique. Its the place where Bhagawan since many years has been visiting every year to bless devotees all along the way and have Abhishekam there too in noon. The Thiruvooral Utsavam its called depicting His full command and divine grace all along the way to all living beings.

At 1.15 am midnight Lord Sri Parthasarathy Swamy departs from the temple at 2.30 am Peyalwar, Myalpore Mangalasasanam and then graces the homes of Donors – Ubhayadars where they all place festive lights of KuthuviLaku in their home gate and offer Poornakumbham to the Lord. And Lord is offered Thamboolam fruits flowers garlands and Prasadhams too and those Prasadhams which Lord graced are given to donors as well.

At the venue of Ekkaduthangal at 12.00 am Lord Sri Parthasarathy Swamy shall have snapana Thirumanjanam Abhishekam. It will be a great delight and full of His divine grace and those who witness His abhishekam there are sure to get good times ahead. And on return Lord Sri Parthasarathy Swamy shall grace the Perumal Temple of Saidapettai in evening by 5.00 pm. Then Lord Sri Parthasarathy Swamy departs from there by 7.00 pm on His way to His home temple of Thiruvallikeni graces some donor homes too. Lord Sri Parthasarathy Swamy shall have the procession on a nicely decorated palanquin with His Nachiars Rukminee and Sathyabhama. In Saidapettai His palanquin shall be accompanied by picturesque umbrellas and the palanquin top shall be removed too yielding to a best of class darsanam by devotees. One who has Darsanam at Saidapettai mada streets is sure to get a lifetime blissful experience. This Utsavam takes place every year in the months of January or February. This year the Thiruvooral Utsavam is scheduledon 22-1-17 Sunday. Srikrishno Rakshathu

Arrangements for the same is being made by Mrs T Kaveri, ML
Joint Commissioner / Executive Officer
Deputy Commissioner /
Executive Officer / Thakkar (Additional Charge)

T Raghavan