Lord Sri Parthasarathy Theppautsavam Utsavam will be held from 23.02.2020 to 29.02.2020

Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple Theppautsavam is very special one.  We have to cross the Samsara Sagara.  For that we need a ship. The Lord sits on the ship and calls us to take us to the centre place of temple tank named as Neerazhi Mandapam here better interpreted as the Paramapadham Srivaikuntam. The Theppam is in philosophically speaking it is our Acharya .

All over India our Bharata Punya Bhoomi every sampradaya has its Acharya. Lord Shiva Bramha Indra as well as all the seers of SriVaishnavam  Ramanuja Madhwa Adi Sankara Nimbarka Vallabhacharya Gowdia and many Acharyas guide us to attain the supreme abode of SriVaikuntam and attend the holy feet of Sriman Narayana.  The Lord is always there to invite us to his Supreme abode after this janma.

Every Perumal temple very old temples have their own temple tanks named as pushkarani and the Lord’s feet and temple tanks are United by the Theppam every year.

The Lord gets into the Theppam and sanctifies pushkarani waters.  Every Bhakta who bathes in the temple tank or sprinkles the holy water of temple tank water on his head he is having the blessings of all the sanctified waters right from Ganga waters  through out the world.

Theppautsavam at Lord Sri Parthasarathy Swamy temple Tiruvallikkeni is going to take place from 23.02.2020 to 29.02.2020

Day One 23.02.2020 Lord Sri Parthasarathy Theppam at 6.30 pm
Day Two 24.02.2020 Lord Sri Parthasarathy Theppam at 6.30 pm
Day Three  25.02.2020  Lord Sri Parthasarathy Theppam at 6.30 pm
Day Four 26.02.2020  Lord Sri Narasimhar Theppam at 6.30 pm
Day Five  27.02.2020  Lord Sri Ranganathar Theppam  at 6.30 pm
Day Six  28.02.2020  Lord Sri Ramar  Theppam at 6.30 pm

Day Seven  29.02.2020 Lord Sri Gajendravaradhar  Theppam at 6.30 pm

Every devotee is invited to witness the Theepautsavam  and have the blessings of Lord Sri Parthasarathy Swami and other deities in these days. His Divine Grace shawl bestow on you all good deeds coming for you.

Tamilnadu Police Department will provide  all necessary arrangements for all the seven days Theppautsavam.

Arrangements for the same  is being   made by Mrs  T Kaveri, ML , Joint  Commissioner / Executive Officer

T Raghavan
Photo Courtesy : Shankar Ramakrishnan