Since Puranic days the temples of Thirivarangam and Thiruvanaikaval are of inestimable value to Sri Vaishnava Cult and Saiva tradition.

Lord Sri Ranganathar said to be as the elder brother of Sri Akillandeswari used to give seervarisai articles on the last day of Tamil month karthigai. Some how this practice had not been taken place for the past 200 to 300 years back.

But by the keen and sincere efforts of both the devasthanams this practice has now just begun from this year.

From the temple of Sri Arangam with Elephant following and Malathalams, the Archarkars headed by Sri Sundar Bhattar Swamy and the temple authorities headed by Sri Jayaraman, JC/EO brought the seervarisai namely “Silk Saree, Silk Vasti and Angavastharam, Golden Thali, flower garlands and fruits on the eve of Annapavadai Utsavam usually celebrated at Thiruvanaikaval.

Hope By the Grace of Lord Sri Arangan this practice will continue in the coming year also.

T Raghavan