“Locker ” Movie Review

“Locker,” is a Tamil film directed by Yuvaraj Kannan, guarantees an enthralling narrative that revolves around the lives of Janaa, Kathir, and Venkat. These characters carve out their destinies through unconventional means, orchestrating the theft of a substantial sum of money. However, complications arise when Janaa, one of the protagonists, finds himself entangled in a love affair with Pooja, played by Niranjani Ashokan. The story takes an intriguing turn when Pooja stumbles upon the illicit activities of the trio, contemplating the exploitation of Janaa.

The plot thickens as the gang plans for a prosperous future with their ill-gotten gains. Simultaneously, Pooja unveils a shocking revelation – her father’s murder at the hands of Chakaravathy, a wealthy individual. This revelation propels the storyline into a revenge-driven narrative, adding layers of complexity and suspense.

Amidst the suspenseful narrative, Pooja seeks Janaa’s assistance in a daring mission to pilfer a considerable amount of gold from Chakaravathy. The story unfolds with Pooja and Janaa collaborating on this risky endeavor, creating a captivating mix of crime, love, and betrayal. While the film’s apparent lack of suspense in its screenplay may suggest a straightforward plot, the incorporation of a revenge subplot and the intricacies of the characters’ relationships promise an absorbing cinematic experience.

Directed by Yuvaraj Kannan, “Locker” delves into the intricate web of relationships, crime, and revenge, offering a distinctive fusion of emotions and suspense. Audiences can anticipate an engaging cinematic journey as the characters navigate through a maze of secrets and unlawful activities, leading to unforeseen twists and turns. With its release scheduled for November 24, 2023, “Locker” invites viewers to unravel the mysteries and revelations that will ultimately shape the destinies of its characters in this gripping Tamil thriller.

Rating: 3.2/5