Listen to Malavika Mohanan, Manjima Mohan & Pooja Hegde

Malavika Mohanan, who shot to fame with superstar Rajinikanth’s Petta and is currently busy with Vijay’s Master, has spoken about the need for self-distancing during coronavirus.

The actress also revealed her most important priority in life which is family. Sharing a picture of herself holding a card that reads ‘#IStayHome for my Mom and Day’, she posted, “The health of my parents, my brother, my loved and close ones is my most important priority in life. Us being irresponsible and negligent puts them in danger of contracting harmful virusus.”

Manjima Mohan posted: “I still don’t understand why people are finding it so difficult to stay at home!! JUST STAY AT HOME!” she tweeted.

In response to this, a Twitter user replied: “Adiye kunthaani soru neeya poduva”, which, if roughly translated, means: “Hey fatso, will you provide me food?”

Responding to him, she said, “And then we have people like this! I usually don’t reply to these kinda tweets but this is what I get for asking people to stay at home. If you think it’s easy for anybody to stay at home without going to work you are wrong bro! Money doesn’t fall from the sky for us!”.

Pooja Hegde, who recently returned India after shooting in Georgia for #Prabhas20, said, “My team and I were extremely careful. We kept sanitising our hands, wore face masks and maintained distance from people.”

Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, who too is part of Master,  said, “Makkaley PLS PLS PLS stop roaming out thinking u won’t catch the Virus ! PLS SPREAD WORD ABOUT SOCIAL DISTANCING!”

He added: “I still hear about gatherings at pani puri & beeda shops. From tom the police will start beating d shit out of u if you r spotted outside unnecessarily. You are not RISKING UR LIFE ALONE but JEAPORDISING OTHERS LIVES. Daily workers , uneducated ppl we can understand but there are so many EDUCATED PPL still out on the roads. PLS GET BACK INSIDE & STAY INSIDE.”