All liquor shops and meat shops to be closed on Sunday

All liquor shops and meat shops to be closed on Sunday

Liquor shops, bars and meat shops will be closed on Sunday, in view of Thiruvalluvar Day.

An order by Chenai collector B Maheswari said, “In exercise of the powers conferred in Rule 12 of the Tamil nadu Liquor Retail Vending ( in shops and bars) Rules 2003 and Rule 25 II a of Tamil Nadu Liquor (Licence and Permit) Rules 1981, all the TASMAC IMFL Retail Vending shops and attached Bars FL2 Bars in the Clubs, FL3 Bars in the Hotels and FL3 (A) licenced Tamil Nadu Tourism Hotel bar in Chennai District shall remain closed on account of Thiruvalluvar Day on 15.01.2017 (Sunday) and there shall be no sale of liquor on that day.”

It added: “If any violation of the provision is noticed, necessary action will be taken as per the above rules.”

Greater Chennai Corporation Commissioner D Karthikeyan has said all meat shops will also be closed on Sunday on account of Thiruvalluvar Day.

Thiruvalluvar is a celebrated Tamil poet and philosopher whose contribution to Tamil literature in the form of Thirukkural is immense.

Thiruvalluvar day is more a celebration in Tamilnadu in India, conducted in memory of Saint Thiruvalluvar who had lived in a period between second century BC.