Learn English through Shakespeare's plays and Dahl's stories

Learn English through Shakespeare’s plays and Dahl’s stories

British Council is conducting a Summer School for children between 7 and 17 years to come together to develop their English language skills. It is an opportunity in a fun-filled environment, under the guidance of internationally-qualified teachers. These summer classes will have two themes: Shakespeare (whose four hundredth death anniversary recently concluded) and Roald Dahl (whose hundredth birth anniversary celebrations are underway). Summer School is being organised in four batches: for children aged 7 – 10 years, 11 – 12 years, 13 – 14 years, and 15 – 17 years. Each Summer School will be conducted over two weeks, comprising 30 hours, with 3-hour classes each weekday. The first Summer School will begin on 01 May 2017, and end on 12 May 2017, and the second Summer School will begin on 18 May 2017 and close on 31 May 2017.

Summer School aims at developing students’ speaking, writing, reading and listening skills, as well enhancing their grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, by engaging deeply with Shakespeare’s and Roald Dahl’s fascinating narratives. In addition, children will enact role-plays, create film scripts, write sonnets or limericks, narrate stories and participate in many more fun and educative sessions. The activity-based lessons for children are designed to generate self-confidence and reduce stage fear, develop creativity, hone team-working skills and improve communication skills in English.

On the last day of Summer School, parents are welcome to watch a play scripted, directed, staged and enacted by their children, based on one of Shakespeare’s or Dahl’s popular works.

To Register:

Call 0120 456 9000 / 0120 668 4353

Email Winya.Suzanna@in.britishcouncil.org or SMS English to 567678

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