Laththi movie review


Vishal  is a sincere police constable. He is known for getting the truth out of culprits with the help of his Laathi.

He gets suspended due to his over-eagerness to use the Laathi. He gets the job back through the recommendation of DIG and decides to not use Laathi again.

But DIG who recommends Murali is in need of some help and Murali steps up.

He assigns the duty of beating  a man who behaves badly with his daughter.

Vishal hides his identity and beats the man ruthlessly.  The man gets so angry and decides to find out who beat him. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Director A Vinoth Kumar has delivered a neat cop story which showcases the life of a police constable.

There are enough commercial elements to keep the audience engaged. The director has also delivered his vision without any compromise.

Though the first half seems to lag a bit, it is compensated with a brisk second half.  The climax sequence is good and is convincing as well.

Vishal delivers a neat performance as the strict cop and also as the loving family man.

He has convincingly depicted the emotions of a father who tries to save his son.

Sunaaina is good in her role and has delivered what was expected from her.

Prabhu and Munishkanth as cops  have also added a good momentum to the story and screenplay.

Yuvan’s BGM is top notch and elevates the scenes to a whole new level.

The two songs by Sam C S are good.  Cinematography by Balasubramaniem  is colourful and at the same time has captured the action sequences in a raw manner.

Rating: 3.6/5