Koozhangal movie review


Koozhangal begins with little Velu (Chellapandi) being yanked out of his school-classes by his father Ganapathy (Karuththadaiyaan). Ganapathy has been abandoned by his wife Shanthi — often referred to but never seen.

Using Velu as a go-between, he seeks to retrieve his spouse from her mother’s village.

But things do not go as expected. The Father and son’s long journey back home and the development on their way forms the crux of the story.


Directed by P S Vinoth Raj, the movie is about toxic masculinity, domestic violence, abusive parenting and poverty, all rolled into one.

From the minimal yet affecting dialogues to the rustic setting, deceptively tame visuals, and grounded performances, director seems to place an acute focus on making the film feel realistic.

Karuthadaiyan, who is a drama artist, breathes life into his character and ensures that the character stays raw and true.

Velu has just one line, but he doesn’t need to speak. The boy’s eyes, silently registering his father’s abuse, convey everything needed, from bewilderment and hurt to determination and resistance.

Rest of the cast have created the needed impact, though they appear for very brief scenes.

The visuals by Vignesh Kumulai and Jeya Parthipan punctuate the moment so effectively.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music adds more soul to the proceedings.

Raitng: 4.1/5