Koogle Kuttappa review


K S Ravikumar is quite hard to live with, and doesn’t believe in sending Tharshan, a robotic engineer by qualification, out of his sight for work.

After being obedient for long, one day Tharshan decides to take a plunge and accept a job offer abroad.

And on his first trip back home, he brings along a robot.

The arrival of the bot unfolds a new set of events.

What are the events, how does it affect the life of Ravikumar and Tharshan forms the rest of the story.


The first half of the movie has so many moments of wonder for the audience.

There are many laugh-out-loud sequences between Ravikumar and the bot which keeps the proceedings interesting.

Directors Sabari and Sarvanan have stuck to the original script with very minimal changes, but they have also added some regional flavour to make the movie appealing to the regional audience.

Ravikumar is the backbone of the movie. Be it his body language, his mannerisms, Coimbatore slang.

Everything about his role is authentic. His combination scenes with Yogi Babu are witty.

Tharshan is good in his role, Losliya does not have much to do.

Rating: 3.3/5