Kongu Nadu was a clerical mistake: Murugan

Union Minister of State L Murugan and Tamil Nadu BJP president K Annamalai on Friday made a statement that the issue of Kongu Nadu was a clerical mistake and stated that the BJP has no intention to divide the state and play emotional politics.

The Union Minister said, “The Kongu Nadu mention in my profile is a clerical mistake. There is nothing more to it.” Annamalai, who on Friday took charge as Tamil Nadu unit president, declared that Kongu Nadu was not its demand. Annamalai said he had sought an explanation from the district unit that passed a resolution demanding the creation of Kongu Nadu.
Kongu Nadu has figured in the profile of Murugan as his social identification and nothing more to it. Don’t create a mountain out of the molehill, Annamalai urged. There are more than 13,000 villages in TN and more than 3.5 crore people in the state are in a way benefitting from the schemes of Centre. The TN BJP unit will reach out to each village, Annamalai added. He also clarified that the “control of media” statement by him was related to the OTT media and not the mainstream news media. PM Narendra Modiji believes in media as the fourth pillar of democracy and media friends should continue to support the state BJP for nation-building, Annamalai said.
“My reference was regarding digital media, social media and that has no checks and balances in carrying news and I have already spoken to media houses explaining the issue,” Annamalai said.
Earlier in the day, BJP cadre thronged the Chennai airport and received the newly sworn-in minister Murugan in a simple manner.