Kollywood Voices Against Child Rape Incidents

With Kathua and Unnao rape cases raising serious concerns over the safety of girl children, Kollywood celebrities have expressed shock and grief about the injustice happened to the poor kids.

Jayam Ravi tweeted: “Ravi tweeted “Another innocent succumbs.. shameful day for this country!We have lost our humanity to the decimal point”.

Nivin Pauly said: “Extremely saddened to know that humans are capable of going to any extent of torture. I was tearing up thinking about the pain endured by 8-year-old Asifa and her family.

Are we heading towards a morally bankrupt society? It’s time that we all stand as one unified soul and do our bit. if her innocence doesn’t tremble our souls, Nothing will! My heart goes out to Asifa’s family in this hour of grief”.

Samantha posted a report from New York Times and wrote: ”All this makes you wonder if there really is a God”. Trisha has posted a heartbreaking emoji and tweeted “#JusticeforAsifa”.

Nivetha Pethuraj revealed that she too was harassed as a child. She said in a video that there are many problems in the country. While some issues can be controlled, some cannot be. Women’s safety is an issue that can be addressed.

At the age of five, she didn’t know how to address the issue and didn’t even know what anything meant at that age, she said and added that such incidents happened mainly because relatives, friends, neighbours etc.

She also requested parents to be more responsible and asked them to have the talk at the age of 2.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar posted a series of tweets, in which he said, “I don’t feel like it’s a happy new year (Saturday was Tamil new year) for any of us when our country and state are in such turmoil..!! It’s time to ask our selves before it’s too late..!! Is this the kind of society we want to live it..!! They say our future is determined by our past suffering.”

“If we all say it’s not our problem..did the victims family think that it can happen to them.?? No but it did.. it can happen to any of us.. I don’t need to be a mother to feel this rage and pain..plz jus be human and rage now.. we r already too late..let’s stand up now,” she added.