Kodai movie review


Inspired by real life incidents, the movie set in a cottage at Kodaikanal.

Karthick Singa works in the cottage and helps the ashram where was brought up.

There comes a time when the ashram is in need of a lot of money.

Anaya Lakshmi’s father gives Rs five lakh to Karthick and asks him to give it to a financier in Kodaikanal and gets Rs 25 lakh in return.

But, things do not go as planned and Karthick gets caught in a tricky situation.

What is the situation and what Karthick does next forms the rest of the story.


Director Raajaselvam has not tried anything fancy and has stayed true to the script.

The narrative is simple and realistic which is the positive as well as the drawback of the film.

Karthick Singa has done complete justice to his character and is impressive.

Anaya Lakshmi does not have much to do and shines in the little time that she gets.

Rest of the supporting case including Robo Shankar and Marimuthu have all done their part well.

Arjunan Karthick’s camerawork is colourful. Subash Kavi’s bgm is one of the major strengths of the movie.

Rating: 3.35