Know How to Prepare for Boards Along With JEE Main Preparation

Know How to Prepare for Boards Along With JEE Main Preparation

As JEE Main is nearing at large pace, anxiety level is easily visible among the students and can be justified too because of the occurrence of board exams just after two months or so.
Both of these exams hold significant importance in a student’s life. This is the reason why candidates have started being restless. The result for JEE Main  as well as that of board exams holds immense importance for a student.

Thus, it becomes very important to think over and work upon the direction for getting the desired results in both the exams.

But, the process is not easy as it is said. Although the syllabus is almost similar but the pattern in which questions are asked makes all the difference. Questions asked in JEE Main are more of concept based than theory based. But in Board exams, questions asked would check both concept as well as theory of the associated subjects.

Difficulty level of the exam is another prospective in which both the exams differ from one another. Difficulty level of JEE Main is slightly higher than that of the board exams. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the students to manage preparation for both the exams simultaneously.
Following are some of the tips that one may follow to ace in both of the exams:-

Segregate the Syllabus:
Divide the syllabus in shorter parts so that you can have a simpler view of the whole portion that you need to study for the exam. This would help you to look at your vast syllabus in a more defined way. Furthermore, prioritize the topics according to their weightage in the main exam. Focus more on the topics which are important and in which you are not good at. Give more time to such topics as you can study the easier topics later on or along with the difficult ones.

Focus on Concepts and Theories:
For 12th board exams, certain theories and formulas are must to get by hearted and help in grabbing marks without much effort in the exam. But in JEE Main, by hearting would not help much. It would be more based on application of basic concepts. Thus, one should prepare the concepts well so that they can do well in JEE Mains as well as board exams.
Draft a Strategy:

This one is the most important part for preparation of any exam. Candidates must lay down a plan which is not hypocritical but realistic. The plan that you make yourself must be followed strictly by you otherwise it has no meaning. Include breaks, snacks, your hobbies etc. in mid of the plan and do not be a book bug as it would never give you the desired results. Thus, breaks are necessary to refresh your mind from time to time.

Revise to Your Maximum:
This one is the key to success. Revising what you have studied would fit the studied things in your mind for a longer time. Revision would let you know about the things that you remember strongly and those which have faded somewhere. Hence, you would be able to know your strength and weak areas by revision. It is advisable to make hand written notes to be referred at the time of revision.

Mock Tests are Never Enough:
Take as much mock tests as possible. Solving ample of questions from various subjects would help you in a big way for the main exam. They would prepare you for handling the pressure of the main exam and would make you accustomed with the interface of the online exam. Furthermore, it would help the students to manage time and increase their speed accordingly.