Khushbu stirs controversy in Congress after supporting NEP

Congress national spokesperson Khushbu Sundar has welcomed the Centre’s new National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and apologised to party leader Rahul Gandhi for her differing stand from that of the party, with her statement setting off a Twitter buzz.

Congress’ state unit had hit out at her for airing her views in the open, saying it was “indiscipline” and that the grand old party was ready to discuss “any controversial” matters in its forums.

She tweeted: “Sanghis can relax, pls do not rejoice. I am not moving to BJP. My opinion might be different from my party but I am an individual with a thinking mind of my own. Yes, #NEP2020 is flayed n flawed at some places, but I still feel we can look at the change with a positivity.”

“There are positives and negatives. The new policy to impact reservation, minorities and adivasis. The negative points can be sorted out,” the actress-politician added.

“There is no need for me to put out the negatives and positives in detail,” she said.

“I prefer to see the positive aspects n sit n work on the negative ones. We have to offer a solution to the problems n not just raise voices. Opposition also means to work for the country’s future. I would like to take a leaf out of #Atal ji’s life n #UPA where we have worked.

“Politics is not only about making noises, its also about working together. And @BJP4India @PMOIndia has to understand this. We as opposition, will look into it in detail n point out the flaws, its the GOI who has to take everyone in confidence n work on the flaws. #NEP2020,” Khushbu tweeted.

My stand on #NEP2020 differs from my party n I apologize to @RahulGandhi ji for that, but I rather speak the fact than be a head nodding robot or a puppet. Everything cannot be about agreeing to ur leader, but about being courages to voice ur opinion bravely as a citizen.

“Any bill or draft, you will have different opinions, n me someone who fiercely believes in democracy, think it is fine to have differences of opinions. My country is built by all kinds of people, all religious beliefs, non believers, every party, each of those divided by reservation,” Khushbu said.

As speculation mounted that the actor could quit Congress and join its arch rival BJP following her welcoming NEP 2020, Sundar clarified “I am not moving to” the saffron party.