Khushbu quits Twitter and explains why

Khushbu Sundar, who has been very active on social media and never really refrained from speaking her mind out, has suddenly quit the social media platform Twitter. She enjoyed 1.3 million followers on Twitter.

She stated that she wants to be herself, but couldn’t do that on Twitter. The actress-politician said that the people who troll her are higher than those who follow her on Twitter.

She said that there are more disadvantages than advantages of being on social media. Khushbu also questioned trolls who criticised women in public life. She said she decided to quit Twitter to avoid unwanted tensions and live a peaceful life with her family.

Khushbu mainly used the Twitter account to update her daily routine, updates on her family and speaks about her activities in the Indian National Congress party.

The actress, wife of director-actor-producer Sundar C, also became quite popular after she started giving fitting replies to the religious chauvinists who tried to paint her as a Hindu hater.

Interestingly, it is to be noted that Khushbu is available on the another popular social networking platform Instagram. Her fans are planning to connect with her on Instagram, since she has walked out of Twitter.