Khushbu arrested, says she is denied of democratic right

BJP functionary and actress Khushbu was arrested today near Muttukadu in Chennai when she was on the way to Chidambaram to stage a protest against Thol Thirumavalavan.

She tweeted, “When your journey is cut short by force, you know you are on right track. I question @AIADMKOfficial  n #CM of TN @EPSTamilNadu avl, why we are denied of our democratic right for a peaceful protest when other parties are given the permission to do the same? Why this partiality?”

She added: “Or is  @AIADMKOfficial  govt aware that #VCK is capable of riots and goondaism and they fear the same?”

A couple of days ago, Khushbu Sundar, while addressing the media at the party headquarters in Chennai, hit out at Thirumavalavan and asked him to be careful of what he speaks since he was a political leader. She demanded an apology from Thirumavalavan for his remark on women, Manusmriti and Sanathana Dharma.

A video clip recorded in September 2020, during a webinar organised on ‘Periyar and Indian Politics’ is now being circulated on social media stating that the VCK chief has insulted women by calling them “prostitutes”. But did Thirumavalavan call women “prostitutes”?