Key Points to Remember While Attempting JEE Main Exam

Key Points to Remember While Attempting JEE Main Exam

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an engineering entrance examination that is conducted for admission to various topmost engineering colleges. It is the most important examination for the students interested in the engineering field. And since it is a crucial exam for all engineering aspirants, thus students must keep few important things in mind to get good JEE Main Result. So, continue reading the article to know more about it.

Take as Many Mocks as Possible

The more mock tests the candidates take, the better they improve. Mock tests help you as feedback on your mistakes and clarifies your concepts and formulas. It is recommended for the students to analyse the mistakes that they make regularly and then try to make necessary efforts to stop them. It would also help the students to measure how fast he or she is able to crack the paper in the given time frame as Time management is crucial in solving IIT papers.

Don’t Study Any New Topic

This is the most commonly made mistake by the majority of the students during the last week of the exam. But, starting a new topic can be very dangerous for the student as it will demotivate them and increase stress. Therefore, it is always advised not to start any new topics at the end moment.

Time Management

IIT is not about solving all questions in the paper rather it is about solving a decent amount of sums in the allotted time frame. If the student is unable to solve any question then it would be better for him to skip that and move to the next question.

Sleep Early and Have Sound Sleep

One of the common mistakes most of the students make is that they study for late nights and wake up late in the morning. But a week ago, you must change this habit as it can be harmful to you on the day of the examination because you will feel sleepy due to the daily habit.

Arrange Essential Things

To avoid the chaos on the main day, it is better to arrange all important items such as JEE Main 2019 Admit Card, Identification proof, pen, pencil etc. prior to the day of the exam.

Reach Exam Centre 1 Hour Before the Exam

To avoid any panic situation on the day of the exam, it is better to reach your centre before time. It is better to be safe and prepared rather than having any regrets later.

Just Revise the Important Parts

Before the day of the exam, it is advised to just revise the important formulas and most important concepts.

Exam Attempting Tips for JEE Main

Analyse the Paper– First things first; as soon as you get the question paper, you should first go through the entire question paper and have a fair idea about it. Next, the candidates should start with the question that he is most confident about which will give him confidence.

Don’t Waste Too Much Time on a Single Question– Wasting too much time on a single question will lead you towards the situation of panic and frustration which will impact your efficiency. Therefore, it is advised to move to the next question if you are unable to solve any question.

Don’t Make Guesses– It is better not to make random guesses for any question because that will fetch negative marks and ultimately bring down your score.

Solve in Cycles– JEE is a moderate-level examination, therefore, working in cycles makes the difficult problems easier as you are not attempting them all at once but in intervals.

Set Subject Order– After attempting easier questions, it is important to solve the questions according to your subject strengths. Solve the questions accordingly which will help you gain confidence.

Unsoiled Rough Work is a Must– Students generally don’t understand the importance of rough work. It is advised to leave enough space between rough work of each question and mark question number for each question in the rough work. This approach has multiple benefits as it will save time during the revision.

Time Management is Important– Time management is a very crucial part as JEE exam is not about high attempts but about the accuracy and speed. After the re-checking is done the student can now solve the sums he is not sure about, as he has enough time. This will help the students fetch more marks and this will also make the students contended and happy.

Be Positive and Confident-At last be confident and positive while going in the exam hall, Have faith in yourself and your hard work.