Kayiru Review

Critic Rating: 3 / 5


Every morning, a traditional soothsayer (S R Guna) goes door-to-door with his young bull to make predictions. That’s his family profession and he does with passion.

One day, the village head chides him for making wrong prediction and asks him to carry out some other job. This makes the protagonist to move to a different place.

In the new village, he falls in love with a girl (Kavya Madhav) who sells flowers. Though her mother accepts to the relationship and gives nod to marriage, this means that he must give up on his profession and also the possession of his beloved bull.

Will he give up on something that`s not only his profession but also a tradition that was passed down to him by his father? Who leaves whom?


After winning 24 awards in various film festivals, Kayiru directed by Ganesh has hit the screens. If ‘Gypsy’ that was released last week was about a man and his horse, this is about a man and his bull.

Ganesh has woven an emotional story without adding any controversial elements to it. There is a realistic feel all through the movie.

Guna has delivered a matured performance and his homework should be lauded. Kavya Madhav is another value addition to the movie. Other members of the cast are right choice for their respective roles.

Songs act like a speed-breaker, but music composer Prithvi has scored well in background music. Jayan R has handled cinematography in a soothing manner. Though the film moves at a leisurely pace, it is a honest attempt.

Kayiru : Bull & Push