Katrina Kaif all praise for Nayanthara

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has heaped praise on Tamil top actress Nayanthara.

She said, “Nayanthara is stunning yet strong, she is a fighter.  I know that she has been working from her young age and hard working.”

Katrina added:”She knows about her work and particular about her requirement. When she was on the set, I was telling everyone, working with Nayanthara is like seeing myself on the mirror”.

It may be recaled that Katrina Kaif launched her new makeup brand Kay Beauty in 2019 and for a campaign, Nayanthara flew all the way to Mumbai for the shoot.

At that time, Katrina tweeted: “A big big thank you to the gorgeous South Superstar #Nayantharafor coming down to Mumbai in between her hectic schedule to be a part of the Kay Beauty campaign . So generous and gracious forever grateful. stay tuned for campaign coming tomorowwwww.”

While she had called the south star as ‘generous and gracious’ has now called Nayanthara a fighter. While Nayanthara was last seen in Rajinikanth-starrer Darbar that release in January this year, she is also part of another Rajinikanth film titled Annaatthe, which is in the making.

“Nayanthara is the most disciplined actress I’ve worked with and that’s why she is still the numero uno heroine in this male-dominated industry”, RJ Balaji, who is directing Mookuthi Amman, had recently said.

In a recent Instagram chat session, Balaji has confirmed that Mookuthi Amman will only release in theaters and there are no plans for direct OTT premiere. Balaji is also confident that Mookuthi Amman will be the first film to release post lockdown.

Balaji acted with Nayanthara in many movies and is now director of Mukkuthi Amman. Nayanthara is also the top actress in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. RJ Balaji commenting on this, Nayanthara is one of the most discipled actresses I have worked with. This is why she is hailed as the number one actress in this male dominant film industry.