Kasthuri urges Ajith to act against his fans

Of late, Kasthuri has been having some issues with actor Ajith’s fans. Things got ugly recently when they criticised Kasthuri and tweeted badly about her.

Posting the screenshots of the tweets, the actress requested Ajith to take action against his arrogant fans.

“Come on guys, you have to act.  Do the people at twitter actually endorse such harassment? @TwitterIndia

And @SureshChandraa ,  Ajith Sir, Evvalavu naalaikku summaa irupeenga ? #ShameOnYou  #DirtyAjithFans #vicious,” she posted.

Kasthuri Shankar never shies away from taking her stand on different topics on Twitter, be it about social issues, politics or movies.

Most of the time, the actress has got into arguments with Twitterati, thanks to her impactful statements. Of lately, she had an argument with netizens, who claimed to be Ajith fans.

The actress was abused and trolled by them on Twitter for which she had demanded a response from Thala Ajith to put an end to the harassment. The actress has also shared screenshots of the tweets from the ‘so-called’ Ajith fans.

Kasthuri is one of the active celebrities on Twitter, who posts her opinions on social issues, politics, sports and movies. The actress had been one of the wildcard contestants of the third season of the most popular reality game show Bigg Boss last year.

Kasthuri has often got into conflicts with fans of many actors, and she had earlier been abused and trolled by several netizens claiming to be Ajith fans. Yet again, few days back the actress has been quoted in insensitive and vulgar tweets, and now the actress has demanded a response from Ajith.