Karuppar Koottam: Cops to investigate source of funds

The police, who have filed a case against Karuppar Koottam YouTube channel for a denigrating video on Kandha Sashti Kavasam and arrested two persons, will investigate the source of funds for the channel.

Sources said the cops will probe the allegations that the channel was planning to create communal unrest in the society.

Surendra Natarajan an anchor of the Youtube channel Karuppar Koottam, surrendered before the Central Crime Branch police of Tamil Nadu, in Puducherry on Thursday. The BJP had lodged a complaint against him for allegedly denigrating lord Murugan and ‘Kandha Sashti Kavacham’, a prayer sung in his praise.

The BJP had claimed that by uploading an episode titled ‘Aabasa Puranam Series – Kandha Sashti Kavasam – Kathakalatchebam’, the anchor attempted to malign the sanctity of Hindu Gods.

“Hindus would not tolerate such malicious content against their God and religion. We demand the arrest of all those involved, in addition to a ban on the channel,” the complaint added.

Actors like Raghava Lawrence, Rajkiran, Prasanna, Gaurav and others have also slammed Karuppar Koottam.

Raghava Lawrence said, “Hi to all murugan devotees. Today is krithigai, I’d like to share something with you all. I grew up listening to kandha Sasti kavasam. My mom used to read it to me everyday morning. I know the power of it and I believe that it’s a shield that protects me. I worship murugan statue at home everyday and there’s a reason why I’m mentioning it today.

You all must be already aware of it. Let’s not talk about anyone and make them big. See the beauty, love and power of murugan in this picture, Everything else will fade away. Time will answer everything.”