Karthi’s eccentric voice for Raju Murugan’s movie revealed

The makers of Japan, starring Karthi , on Wednesday revealed a video giving an interesting insight into the protagonist’s characterisation.

The promo video has been released to announce the beginning of the dubbing process. In the video, Karthi could be seen repeating a line in various voice modulations.

However, director Raju Murugan is not satisfied with anything that Karthi has to offer. “Something is missing in it,” the director gives a vague note to the actor.

And finally, a visibly irritated Karthi gets into the costume of his character and delivers the dialogue.

Karthi speaks in a low and almost mumbling tone. He stretches every word to the hilt, making his speech draggy, and void of liveliness. However, that slow rate of speech adds colour to his blingy avatar in the movie, packing a punch to the silly one-liner about mosquitoes coming back for revenge.

“Do you know the meaning of Karma? All the mosquitos that you have swatted to date will transform into a dinosaur and come back to haunt you. That’s Karma,” Karthi reads that line with a deadpan look, giving us a taste of his performance from the movie.

Japan will hit the screens during the Deepavali holiday.