Karthi escapes from flash floods, director still in Himachal

Karthi escapes from flash floods, director still in Himachal

The heavy rains which are lashing Himachal Pradesh district for the past few days are so brutal that in addition to causing casualties, they have also rendered 62 tourists from Tamil Nadu stranded.

The cast and crew of Karthi starrer Dev too are caught in the floods. While Karthi and some other members of the team have reached Chennai, the director and few others are still there.

Writing on Twitter, Karthi said, “We actually had to shoot particular scenes in the ambiance of rainfalls or snowfalls. Apparently, things were perfect with gentle rains and even the weather forecast didn’t have an alarming situation.”

He said further: “But the situation got worsened with unceasing landslides and floods, where the huge rocks started rolling down the hills and hampering the vehicular traffic and movement.”

Karthi added: “I was stranded inside the car for nearly 4-5 hours and was later insisted to stay in a nearby village for safety purpose. What’s more deplorable is that 140 members are being isolated there without any communication at the mountaintop.”

In another update, he said, “Friends, Few of us came back to Chennai last night. Director, Cameraman and crew are still in Manali but they are safe. Since there is no power and roads are cut off they will come down after a day. Hope rain stops soon.”