Kantara movie review


The King of Kundapu village in Karnataka is not happy with his life which lacks peace. He keeps trying to find it, and when he comes across a deity near a forest, he finally achieves peace.

He makes an agreement with the villagers there and exchanges the forest lands for the deity. Years later in the 90’s, the trouble starts when the King’s successors demand the lands back.

The forest department also becomes a problem for the villagers as they start encroaching on the woodland area.

Shiva (Rishabh Shetty), an easygoing guy, takes responsibility and revolts against them. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Rishab Shetty is spot on with his direction. The narration in the first half is so interesting. Though the second half becomes a bit predictable, the screenplay keeps the audience engaged.

Rishab Shetty is completely terrific in the role of Shiva. He portrayed the emotions to perfection throughout the film. While his comedy timing provides ample entertainment in the initial hour, his performance in the climax will definitely leave the audience in a state of shock.

Sapthami Gowda gets a neat role and delivers a solid performance. Kishore is another backbone of the movie. His role as the law abiding forester is very interesting. Rest of the cast have also done their part well.

The movie stays rooted to the nativity. Technically the film is simply brilliant.

Ajaneesh Loknath’s background score is scintillating. Cinematographer Arvind Kashyap has captured the village and forest locations in a scenic manner.