Kanni Maadam Review

Critic Rating: 3.5 / 5

After carving a niche for himself as an actor in small and big screen, Bose Venkat has donned the director’s hat for the first time in Kanni Maadam, a film that reflects reality.

Starring newcomers Sriram and Gayathri in lead roles, Kanni Maadam has Aadukalam Murugadass, Gajaraj, Valeena Princes, Vishnu Ramasamy and Super Good Subramani appearing in key characters.

Produced by Hasheer for Rooby Films, the movie is shot across Mettu Kuppam, Vijayaraghava Puram and Choolaimedu in Chennai. The film, it is learnt, is based on real-life incidents when Venkat worked as auto driver.

One among the film’s inspirations is drawn from Sandilyan’s novel with the same name. The director has handled the subject of honour killing in an effective and efficient manner.

While the film moves like a regular movie till the first half, the second half leaves a lasting impact. Everyone has performed well, especially Gayathri.

There is no lagging and music by Hari Sai is good. The film, without getting preachy, conveys a message to the society and talks against casteism and honour killings.

Bose Venkat has made a welcome debut as director and Kanni Maadam is a simple and powerful tale that touches our hearts.

Kanni Maadam : Real on reel