Kangana Ranaut goes green in Coimbatore

Kangana Ranaut visited the Mahatma Green India Mission Nursery at Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore and planted saplings in the nursery’s mother bed as part of her ongoing commitment to the Cauvery Calling movement.

“This is amazing to be a part of this initiative,” said Kangana. “As you guys saw, I planted some saplings and we also saw the process of how they are making saplings…I’m so fortunate to be a part of it. My relationship with Tamil Nadu is becoming very strong and intense after Cauvery Calling and Isha… I am very thrilled to be a part of Cauvery Calling,” said the actress.                                                               
Isha volunteers gave the actor a tour of the nursery. Looking relaxed and rather eager to get her hands in the soil, the actor headed to the mother bed area along with Isha Vidhya students and volunteers where she sowed seeds of poovarasu  (Portia), a flowering plant.

Kangana later sat down with Nadiveeras, Isha Vidhya students and volunteers and Isha’s Local Welfare Team to fill sapling bags with soil and planting saplings. She posed for a group photo with the tribal children and women from the local communities around Isha Yoga Center.

On arrival, Kangana was given a traditional and enthusiastic welcome by Isha Vidhya students who put up a foot-tapping drum jam to mark her entry into the nursery.

Kangana has been one of Cauvery Calling’s most vocal high-profile ambassadors. Last month, the actor held a press conference in Mumbai to gather support for Cauvery Calling. She also pledged one lakh trees and committed publicly to dedicating a large portion of her earnings to the cause. Several celebrities, sportspersons, politicians, businesses and influencers have pledged their support for Cauvery Calling.

The movement is also supported by the state governments of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka with the Chief Ministers of both states publicly endorsing the movement and promising administrative facilitation in its implementation.

Cauvery Calling focuses on significantly enhancing farmer income while simultaneously impacting river flow and riverine ecosystems. It will enable farmers in the Cauvery basin spanning Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, to plant 242 crore trees on their own farmlands in the Cauvery basin. Farmer incomes from planting these high-value trees are expected to rise anywhere between 300 and 800% while also helping the river basin retain trillions of liters of water.