Kangana Ranaut all praise for Narendra Modi and slams anti-CAA protesters

Kangana Ranaut, the Dhaam Dhoom actress, is currently playing the lead role in Thalaivi, a biopic by director Vijay on former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa.

Speaking at the trailer launch of her upcoming film Panga,  Kangana said, “What gives you the right to burn buses, trains and create ruckus in the country? A bus costs around Rs 70-80 lakh, and that is not a small amount.”

She said further: “Have you seen the condition of people in our country? People in this country are dying of hunger and malnutrition. It is not very reasonable for people to indulge in violence.”

Kangana stated: “I also feel that in the name of democracy, this is my very personal opinion, we’re still hooked to the pre-Independence era, where our country was under seige or bondage, and people had captured us by force or the gun.

Going on strikes, shutting down the country or not paying taxes against those people was considered cool. But in today’s democracy, your leader is someone from among you. He is not from Japan or China or someplace else.”

Extending support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she said: “Our leader came from a very small place and with a lot of difficulties made something of himself with hard work, and we have won on his merits and he has written everything in his manifesto and then won, and now when he is fulfilling everything he promised, that’s democracy, is it not? So this doesn’t happen, you cannot be a sore loser.”

On Panga (which means, to mess around something), the Queen actress said, “I think every time in my life I took ‘panga’, I achieved growth. When I was 15 years old, I ended up taking ‘panga’ with my father and that was the most stupid thing to do. It led to a lot of problems in life.

But essentially if I hadn’t gone ahead and taken that ‘panga’, I wouldn’t have been here, where I am now. So every ‘panga’ has given a new landmark in my life. I wouldn’t exchange where I am today for anything.”